About Us
Mephone has been in the repair and manufacturing industry for more than 30 years. Started in 1976 manufacturing automatic Giro systems for the harrier Jump Jet and swarovski helicopters used by the British Air Force. In 1982 I became a computer tech for Wang Computers and IBM working on main frame computers until coming to Australia in December 1989, I worked for Canon Australia as a Technician and 11 yrs as Service manager until I opened MePhone Mobile Device Repairs in 2010. I have built the business on giving our customers a high standard of service, trust and reliabillity. We are always looking to find suppliers that can supply us with high quality products at the best price so we can give you the best at a fair price . We could repair many types of devices but we prefer that MePhone is an expert in one, so we have chosen to become a specialist in the mobile device market repairing Mobile phones, android, ipads, tablets, Laptop screens and Keyboards. Because we supply the highest quality parts for our repairs, we give a life time warranty on the screens we replace, Unless they have been dropped, cracked or water damaged. Check our warranty and replacement policy at the bottom of this page.

Mon - Fri: 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Sat: 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Sun: Closed
Please call for Saturday hours as we are not open ever Saturday
Effective from 17/10/2015 until further notice.

Our warranty on screen replacements is lifetime, unless dropped, cracked or water damaged.
Should you find a defect in the installation or part, please contact us. Mephone reserves the right to change this policy without notice. MePhone cannot be responsible for the loss of information, pictures or any other data that may be lost during a repair. It is the responsibility of the customer or Business to ensure they make regular back up's of their property.  It is also the customer’s responsibility to save usernames and passwords or update email addresses for the recovery of lost usernames or passwords or any account information. 
We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused prior to the device being given to us for repair by the owner or any other business or repairer. We reserve the right to use a copy screen but this is very unlikely to happen. Should you request a non genuine part then the warranty is 3 months.

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